Full-auto High Speed Turntable Seaming Production Line

I. Applications

This machine is the specialized equipment for sealing the spin-on filter assembly. It adopts electric and pneumatic mixed control. Two groups of roller wheels (total four) feeding with twice will fulfill the sealing of spin-on filter. The cylinder will carry out the supporting and returning procedures.


II. Specifications

1. Output Capacity: 35-45 filters/min.

2. Min./Max. Filter Diameter.: 56/93 mm

3. Min./Max. Filter assembly height: 50/270 mm

4. Max. Steel plate thickness: 1 mm

5.Motor power: 4Kw

6.Air pressure: 0.6Mpa

7.Power supply: 380V/50Hz

8.Machine weight: 1000 Kg

9. Case Dimensions (L*W*H): 1100*800*2100mm

10.Conveyor length: Left 6000 mm Automatic Cover Feeder; Right 2000 mm for Leakage Testing.

III. Features

§ PLC & Touch Screen Control

§ Auto Loading & Unloading System (Using Conveyor)

§ To Minimize Defective Rate & Clean Surface by 4 Roller Seaming Process

§ High Productivity by Index Turn Table Feeding Type & Easy to Connect Next Process

§ To Increase Working Pressure of Product by Pressurized  Seaming Process

§ No Filter and No Cover – No Seam Safety checks. / No Can/No Cover Pneumatically Controlled

§ Quick size changeover time. 20 minutes for diameter changes and 5 mins for height changes.

§ Easy to Operate, Maintain and Service.

§ Quick lead time


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