Full-auto Tapping Machine_4 Station

I. Application

This machine is applicable for tapping the filter threaded cover plate with high efficiency for tapping 4 pieces simultaneously. It adopts mechanical and pneumatic drive. After manually putting the threaded cover plate, the machine will automatically fulfill tapping and discharging with simple operation. Replacing screw tap and positioning fixture can tap various threaded cover plates and different specified threads.

II. Specifications

1.Output capacity: 16 pcs/min

2.Tapping scope: Metric, M14-M38; Imperial, 3/4"~3/2"

3.Number of workstations: 4 workstations

4.Work-piece Diameter scope: Φ60-135mm

5.Motor power: 5.5Kw

6.Cooling pump power: 90W

7.Air pressure: 0.6Mpa

8.Power supply: 380V/50Hz

9.Machine weight: 1000kg

10.Machine size(L*W*H): 1580mm*920mm*2260mm

III. Features

1.High efficiency: 4 work-piece each time;

2. PLC & Touch Screen Control

3.The tapping parts are cooling while tapping to ensure smoothness and durability of the parts.

4. Easy to Operate, Maintain and Service.


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